Taking the path less travelled

Although taking the path less travelled sounds daunting, thanks to the efforts of parents who chose to use Cued Speech many years ago when it was an untested option, research over the past four decades has shown that it has succeeded in doing what it had set out to do, namely provide access to the spoken language.

`Studies show that prelingually profoundly deaf children who have used Cued Speech for three years or more read at  the same level as their hearing peers in public schools.' Sarina Roffe - Past president National Cued speech Association USA and mom of Deaf child using Cued Speech.

Samu and her Aunt  communicating using Cued Speech.   Samu is hard of hearing and conversant in both SA Sign and Cued Speech.  CSSA believes that for Cued Speech to reach its full potential both parents and teachers need to be able to cue.    

This  picture was taken at a Cued Speech Refresher Course held recently.  A CS course was held earlier in the year at Kwa Thintwa School for parents whose children were being taught Cued Speech in the Foundation Phase. 

As excellent Cued Speech resources are available from both the UK and USA, we in South Africa would be foolhardy not to make use of what is on offer from Cued Speech UK and NCSA.  Both bodies are well funded and are continually doing research into the benefits of Cued Speech.  Cued Speech UK has a free  e-learning course in Cued Speech.  Much information  and insight can be gained from visiting their and other linked websites. 

Deaf children and babies need Cued speech 

Research shows that deaf children brought up with Cued Speech are able to:

  • Think in Sound based language
  • Achieve age appropriate literacy
  • Make better use of residual hearing
  • Make better use of their cochlear implant

It can be used:

  • In families from babyhood 
  • For remedial language work
  • To suppliment auditory-oral approaches
  • To promote bilinguality with SASL

Interested?   Visit any of the sites below for further information.  an excellent resource tool, they also can be e-mailed at  or

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